JLL engineers earn top spot at BOMA competition

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Dec. 7, 2017

JLL’s Life Science Plaza engineering team won first place and the coveted “Golden Wrench” at the fourth annual Houston BOMA Engineer All-Star Maintenance Olympics, held earlier this quarter. Abraham Escareno, Mike Oncken, Chuck Mixon and Eduardo Guerrero made up the winning team.

The event pits engineering teams from different property management companies against each other in a quest to win the Golden Wrench. JLL’s Jack Hollis, also part of the Life Science Plaza team, played a significant role in originally creating the Engineer All-Star Maintenance Olympics in 2014.

The competition challenges each team to use their education, knowledge and troubleshooting skills to complete various events within an allotted amount of time. All team members have to follow standard safety precautions and use appropriate safety equipment. Participants are also required to meet HVAC, plumbing, electrical and fire codes throughout the competition.

“It’s a one-of-a-kind event that brings property managers, building engineers, and their families together for a day of skilled games and fun,” said Jack. “It’s a great opportunity to support Houston BOMA, while including the engineers who are usually behind the scenes, yet a vital part of our success.”

This year, almost 100 engineers made up 24 teams from various property management companies across the city. J.R. West, Ray Flores, Sergio Gonzalez and Julio Quintanilla made up a second JLL team, which also performed extremely well.

“The Life Science Team showed they were true professionals through their knowledge, skills, and PPE safety as building engineers,” said Peyton Collins, managing director, property management.

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