How to know if coworking is right for your company

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Nov. 28, 2017

Coworking presents a solution to a variety of workplace challenges, offering a pay-as-you-go alternative to traditional office space. Typically thought of as a place for budding start-ups, coworking can help solve common business challenges regardless of where a company is in its life cycle.

Below we explore both the advantages and potential drawbacks of coworking to help you consider if coworking makes sense as a part of your real estate strategy.

Cost reduction

Advantage: Adoption of coworking solutions can reduce initial out-of-pocket costs, enable greater efficiency and potentially drive down total occupancy costs.

Drawback: As users achieve scale and accrue more time at a single location, the per-square-foot occupancy costs of flexible space arrangements may exceed traditional lease models.

Employee engagement

Advantage: Leveraging a coworking platform can help companies better match their real estate needs with the needs of their workforce, improving the employee experience, enabling more collaboration and potentially reducing commute times.

Drawback: Companies must also be mindful of flexible space’s potential distractive influences and impact on productivity.


Opportunity: Coworking arrangements may foster innovation through increased employee interaction, exposure to new business concepts and sharing of ideas.

Drawback: The communal nature, open design and glass-heavy buildouts of most flexible space locations could inhibit the safeguard of intellectual property.


Opportunity: Flexible space options can help organizations “buy time” as they launch new initiatives, establish growth projections and develop longer-term real estate strategies.

Drawback: Companies must assess whether flexible workspace is accretive to their culture and compatible with their broader business strategies, especially as it relates to recruitment and retention of talent.

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