Holiday shopping 2017: When, where, why, how & how much?

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Nov. 15, 2017

Ready or not, the holidays are upon us.

JLL Retail surveyed approximately 2,500 consumers to find out the when, where, why, how and how much of holiday shopping. Here’s what’s in store this season.

When: once the candy corn settles

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become landmark shopping days, most plan to get a much earlier start. 54.5 percent of consumers will begin as soon as Halloween has passed, and more women will start their holiday shopping before men. Approximately 18 percent of shoppers, however, will wait until two weeks before Christmas to get started.

Where: superstores galore

There’s just something about shopping in physical stores during the holidays. Many of the consumers surveyed consider the lights, music and decorations of retail centers to be the most fun thing about holiday shopping. Superstores (Target, Walmart etc.) were overwhelmingly the top choice for both gift and general holiday purchases, with 63.9 percent of consumers saying they will “definitely” shop at superstores.

While superstores may be a favorite, they won’t be the only place shoppers go to check off their lists. Many consumers will make several stops. Nearly 40 percent of consumers will visit six or more retailers. Small mom-and-pop shops also play a notable role in holiday shopping. When asked to list specifically where they would most likely visit for gift purchases, 18.5 percent of consumers named local, mom-and-pop shops.

Why: because money doesn’t grow on trees

Price or the availability of coupons is the most important factor in choosing where to shop according to 37.5 percent of consumers. And women are more likely to prioritize low prices above any other factor. They are also more likely than their male counterparts to offer gifts with purchase, special discounts or buy one, get one free or at a discount. On the other hand, men are more likely to prioritize customer service and product experts as well as retailers who offer amenities like gift wrapping.

How: bricks AND clicks

Shoppers still value brick and mortar stores, especially at the holidays. 47.1 percent of consumers say they will buy their gifts in stores and about a quarter of respondents plan to head to stores to pick up gifts they ordered online. As for clicks, 58.8 percent of shoppers will purchase their gifts online either on a third party website or on retailers’ websites. Mobile also looks to make its mark this season. More than 20 percent of shoppers will use their mobile devices to order online or look for deals and coupons. Consumers will also whip out their phones to search for product reviews, check store inventory and get gift ideas.

How much: Gen Xers will spend the most

The average budget for gifts is $743.30, with another $156.66 budgeted for holiday décor. As the group most likely to have young children, Gen Xers plan to spend the most at an average of $810.03.

For more about what’s in store this holiday season, download our 2017 Holiday report.

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